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A flight of cranes, from Hill City to Sandy Hook

It’s an unfortunate necessity that in the world of social justice, we spend a lot of time focusing on injustice. This focus on what’s wrong can catalyze us to figure out how to do things¬†right. But sometimes we forget to … Continue reading

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Why isn’t SD’s economy set to expand?

I guess the fact that SD is “business friendly” doesn’t necessarily mean that businesses actually want to, you know, do business here. The Argus Leader reports: A new Forbes rating of the best states to do business ranked South Dakota … Continue reading

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Parents react to NRA’s call for armed schools

Parents and educators across the country have reacted predictably poorly to the NRA’s recent call to arm teachers and post more armed security guards in schools: The reactions of parents, teachers and school administrators ranged from hesitation to anger on … Continue reading

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SB 5 would transform higher ed into tool of oppression

Cory Heidelberg at the Madville Times alerts us to the attack on higher education that is Senate Bill 5, introduced by Senator Russell Olson (R-8/Wentworth): Section 2. The Legislature hereby finds, and declares to be the public policy of this … Continue reading

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