Dear John Thune: a Chart Is Worth a Thousand Words

Dear Senator Thune,

Deficit Chart

Source: Center on Budget Policy & Priorities (2010)

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” so maybe this chart can dispel the myth that keeps appearing in statements such as yours:  “To me the pledge isn’t the problem in Washington; the problem in Washington isn’t that we don’t tax enough, it’s that we spend too much.”  (Argus Leader, November 29, 2012.)

Please stop referring to the deficit as if our present President spends too much. This chart shows that the largest contributor (dark orange)  to our present situation is due to the Bush-era tax cuts. And needless to say, the uncalled for, illegal and immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during President Bush’s term wracked up (and continue to wrack up) spending.

I would ask that you support the lower and middle class, 97% of Americans, during these hard economic times and make greater efforts to create clean energy jobs. Investment in jobs and education will help our country and the whole world.

Leona Wieland serves on the board of the SD Peace & Justice Center


About sdpeacejustice

The SD Peace & Justice Center connects a grassroots network of South Dakotans working for social justice and against violence and oppression.
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