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Looking beyond movie violence

I have another guest post over at Waging Nonviolence this week, this time about nonviolence (predictably) and one of my great passions, the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Specifically The Hobbit; more specifically The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first in … Continue reading

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Keeping hope

There seem to be a lot of vigils in the news lately. There have been the vigils across the country (some right here in South Dakota) for the victims of Sandy Hook. There was a vigil in Sioux Falls recently … Continue reading

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The pros and cons of assault weapons

Why would anyone want to own an assault weapon? That’s the question the Rapid City Journal asked on the front page of its Saturday edition, as debate about gun control heats up in the wake of the Newtown shooting. Answer: … Continue reading

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SD officials: “Frack, baby, frack.”

After wondering yesterday how South Dakotans could help “storm the Bastille” on the Keystone XL Pipeline issue, it looks like the SD establishment is wondering how best to protect the energy industry’s Ancien RĂ©gime. Fulfilling its role as the semiofficial … Continue reading

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Kerry nomination gives environmentalists hope – but will it be enough?

As John Kerry looks to become the new Secretary of State, there are hopes that he will be a force for good and nix the Keystone XL Pipeline: President Barack Obama nominated Senator John Kerry as his secretary of state … Continue reading

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Parents react to NRA’s call for armed schools

Parents and educators across the country have reacted predictably poorly to the NRA’s recent call to arm teachers and post more armed security guards in schools: The reactions of parents, teachers and school administrators ranged from hesitation to anger on … Continue reading

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SDPJC condemns NRA, calls for stricter gun regulation

A week after the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, CT, the National Rifle Association (NRA) finally broke its silence on the raging gun control debate, calling for armed teachers in U.S. schools in a press conference earlier today. … Continue reading

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