McBride Remembers McGovern, Means

Our son worked for McGovern on his presidential campaign.  He drove all over S. D. and knocked on doors.  If McGovern ran today, he might win!  Soon after, our son joined the Peace Corp and went to Kenya for 2 years. That was part of knowing McGovern – he inspired you to do peaceful things.  Once he spoke in our Methodist church in Wagner, where my husband served.  When our daughter was killed in a car accident, he called us to give comfort.  We always supported his desire to pare down the military build up…  We need him today!
Living in Wagner, my husband, Bob McBride (then the pastor of the United Methodist Church), was sympathetic with the AIM movement. In Wagner some young  Native Americans took over the Pork Plant (which had been started to employ Native Americans) because they alleged that the Pork Plant was not treating Native Americans fairly.  Governor Janklow called in the Guard and shut the town down.  My husband and other clergy were called to see that the police did not  resort to violence in resolving the Pork Plant take over.  At that time the AIM  movement and Russell Means (who was not involved in this take over) were thought of as radical. Means did bring attention to the sorry treatment of Native Americans. It was largely because of this unrest that the Superintendent of the school, Mr. Smith, started an evening education program to educate the townspeople about Native American culture. It is good to see Russell Means honored.
–Elsie McBride is a member of the South Dakota Peace & Justice Center

About sdpeacejustice

The SD Peace & Justice Center connects a grassroots network of South Dakotans working for social justice and against violence and oppression.
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